The world embraces a unique cultural sphere that transcends national borders.

While each region carries its own history and values,

here they are open to unification, irrespective of the differences and inconsistencies.

A community united by life, not the economy.

Their wealth is far greater than that which is the visible,

achieved by the way people live, fully and vibrantly.

Over time, energies born from pure existence

have elevated into a form of expression called 'art'.

Life, that no national borders or modern law can confine.

That is where we cannot help realizing sense the potential of humanity.

In the fields of art and culture,

new perspectives have emerged

that heve, in fact, always been here since the ancient times.

In praise of humanity. In praise of life.

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<Aura Contemporary Art Foundation>

Aura Contemporary Art Foundation
2760-121, Katata, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama 649-2201, Japan
Founder/Representative Director
Yuto Yabumoto
Aung Myat Htay
Chum Chanveasna
Misouda Heuansoukkhoun
Aura Contemporary Art Foundation aims to build a peaceful world by preserving the "unique vernacular value" of each place, which have been lost in the course of global modernisation and urbanisation.
In order to preserve these small 'places' and 'stories', the foundation conducts research, archiving, exhibitions, and collections of culture rooted in vernacular places and promotes exchange with artists and curators in each place through contemporary art.