photos by Prum Bandiddh


Grants for Bangkok Art Biennale

The Bangkok Art Biennale 2020 (BAB 2020) will be held from October 29, 2020 to January 31, 2021, in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, hosted by the Bangkok Art Biennale Foundation. Prof, former Vice-Minister of Culture of Thailand and Chief Executive Art Director of BAB. Dr. Although co-founded by Apinan Poshyananda, we also has been able to provide a small amount of funding for this project.

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- Bangkok Art Biennale 2020 announces the final artists list for the second edition: Presented within Covid-19 considerations for a safe ‘new-normal’ viewing environment (Aug 28th, 2020)

- Bangkok Art Biennale 2020: Opening Reception (Oct 29, 2020)