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“Kinan Chemistry Session vol.2” 28th May 2021

We are launching the Kinan Chemistry Session vol.2, a series of online talk sessions with a variety of experts.
The second talk will be entitled "Seclusion and Openness -Kumagusu Minakata, the Giant of Knowledge and Contemporary Art-", and will talk about Kinan with the theme of Kumagusu Minakata, a giant of knowledge, a naturalist / folklore scholar who represents Japan. The session will be held online.
Guests include many books and papers on Minakata Kumagusu, and Taisuke Karasawa, a philosophical / cultural anthropologist with a deep knowledge of slime molds, and Kohei Maeda, a contemporary art writer who is from Kinan and also works on works related to Minakata Kumagusu. We will welcome you.
This is a free online ZOOM webinar, so please feel free to join us.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the Peatix page.

< Outline of the Kinan Chemistry Session vol.2 >
Title: Seclusion and Openness -Kumagusu Minakata, the Giant of Knowledge and Contemporary Art-
Date and time: Friday 28 May 2021, 19:00 - 20:30
Venue: Online (ZOOM webinar planned)
Participation: free of charge
Speaker: Taisuke Karasawa (Associate Professor, Akita University of Art, Philosophy / Cultural Anthropology)
Kohei Maeda (contemporary artist)
Facilitator: Daisuke Miyazu (Artistic Director, Kinan Art Week)
Moderator: Ryota Morishige (Regional Revitalization Producer)

Registration: via the event page on the ticket booking website Peatix, or via the email address below
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