photos by Prum Bandiddh


Production Zomia has been appointed curator of Osaka Kansai International Arts Festival.

Production Zomia will be in charge of the Semba Excel building. Vietnamese artist Tuan Mami, Myanmar artists Aung Myattay and Kohei Maeda will be in charge.

Study : Osaka Kansai International Art Festival 2023 
Aiming to hold one of the world's largest art festivals "Osaka Kansai International Art Festival (tentative)" in 2025, this is a pre-event to verify and study the relationship between "art and people" and "art and society" and the potential of art.

 The second edition of the festival will include exhibitions by artists with connections to the Kansai region, an art fair where galleries from Japan and abroad will exhibit their works for everyone to enjoy purchasing, themed conferences to draw out the potential of art, and a limited-time-only food and art collaboration in a restaurant venue. A variety of programmes will be held during the 17 days of the Art Festival, including an art fair where galleries from Japan and abroad will exhibit, and anyone can enjoy purchasing artworks; themed conferences will be held to draw out the potential of art; and restaurants will be used as venues for art dining to realise collaboration between food and art for a limited time.

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