photos by Prum Bandiddh


“Sensing Mandarin Oranges – an Entangled World” will be Held in Kinan

The 2023 Kinan Art Week “Sensing Mandarin Oranges – an Entangled World” supported by our foundation will feature a variety of activities focusing on the diverse senses of human beings, especially those other than sight. Last year, similarly, “Orange Collective” has been preparing for the event while conceiving the plan. It is said that 90% of the information humans obtain relies on visual information, and art has been mainly visual expression. This year’s exhibition will not be an “exhibition” of artworks, but rather a workshop that appeals to the senses of smell, taste, and touch, as well as to the sense of time. By rediscovering each of these senses, we hope to broaden your perception of the world you normally see. The following is an outline of the project and schedule.


 Date: October 14th (Saturday) – October 22nd (Sunday), 2023
 Time: Depends on each workshop
 Venue: Kinan area, Wakayama Prefecture *Multiple locations
 Participation fee: Depends on each workshop
 Organizer: Kinan Art Week Executive Committee
 Concept: Mikan Collective

The 2023 Kinan Art Week “Sensing Mandarin Oranges
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